The Adam-4Rizzel Show (also known as The A-4R Show, A-4R Show, A-4R, Adam-4Rizzel Show) is a proposed idea for a online variety show created and hosted by Adam Jellicorse, and a set of viral videos and promos.

Although the show has officially yet to go into production, some other work done by Adam Jellicorse and Adam-4Rizzel Studios are labeled with an Adam-4Rizzel Show bumper. Leading to believe that this work may be re-packaged with the A-4R Show, or will be close to what the A-4R Show may offer.

Adam-4Rizzel Studios acts as producer and distributor.


While Adam Jellicorse was working on Adam's Game Review he realized that he wanted to do something more open and staged. He wanted to do another show in which he wasn't restrained to talking about video games, this could bring comedic subjects to a more wider variety. Interest began in the show after Adam started a Facebook page to propose the idea of the show. Which resulted in suprising interest from his friends, family, and previous fans.

Unfortunately the show has not been put into production, mainly due to delay and worry. Adam has stated "I have no idea what I'm doing, and at the same time I have the most amounts of confidence in myself as a director and comedian." Adam also notes his worry of not knowing what kind of show it should be or what kind of comedic approach to bring. "The Adam-4Rizzel Show currently verges on being a talk show/variety show, and I have no clue if thats what people want. The different types and formats that the show could be in are endless, and it's so hard to know what to do, when the possibilities don't stop." "It's also completely more difficult to be funny than you would think. Mainly because every human being on this planet has a different interpretation of what they find to be funny, and it's hard to appeal to every 'genre' of funny while still being entertaining."

The show has been delayed for numerous reasons, mainly including problems with the budget. And while a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign could happen, Adam is unsure if he wants to take money for something that may not be released.


Cast and CrewEdit

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